Aura and the Colors…

Auras are, the electromagnetic fields of energy surrounding everyone and everything.
Your body houses your consciousness. But, that consciousness operates on all dimensions for your
experience here. Like waving your hand fast in front of you, you will see many hands, like the photo below.
We emit energy from our souls/consciousness inside, into the dimensions all around us. There are many dimensions in earth’s atmosphere alone, then expanding way into the cosmos, in many different ways. That is another story though. For now, lets stick with earth. It would be too confusing. So, humans are 3D living in 4D. But, earth itself is 13D.  We use all of those dimensions for our consciousness though. Our image projected from the higher self, into the matter on earth, of our bodies. The light goes inward, but to continue on, it must flow. That is why we have toroidal currents in our field. The energy cycles in and out of our spiritual centers/chakras, and then make the light energy that is needed for the higher self to stay connected to the soul within. In reality, the higher self is actually 5 beings working in unison for us to have this here experience. One for spirit, one for emotions, one for mental thoughts, one for the entire memory and program, and one for our illusionary perception of time. That is why we have so many field. The thoughts, feelings, spirit, and original akasha, are all around us, working together as one. Once we come out of this physical body, we do not need anything but the original soul again, which goes off to another experience, or returns to the higher self. Until then, our thoughts, and feelings, and connection to spirit, must come in, and out of the physical body, through the consciousness, and those dimensions.
Now, we all know that the rulers of this reality, archons, and their puppets, have sealed some of the “channels or telephone lines” so to speak, and blocked many people’s connections to their higher fields, like the ketheric template, and etherical body, so that people can not obtain higher information from them, and be confined to whatever programming that the rulers want to submit them to. The awakening, is when you are able to see that, and connect back in some way, even slightly. But, we still need our aura and chakras to function, and the energy still effects us. How?
Physical Body- This is the energy, of the light that shows your image in this environment.
Mental Body-  This field cycles in thoughts in and out of the consciousness, from the environment, and other people, as well as your own thought patterns.
Emotional Body: This is the area of which your emotions shine through. Everyone is empathic in some way, but those who are highly sensitive, may be able to feel the emotions of other spirit bodies in this dimensional layer in others too.
Astral Body- The astral layer, is the field of which 4th dimensional time exists for your consciousness, while you are in it or need to use it. Old thoughts, memories, the subconscious spirit, back up memory drive.
Celestial Body: This is your connection to the cosmos as it is still connected to the higher self.
Etheric Template:  The etheric template is the field that stores your higher perceptions. The experiences of other experiences you have been through, other than this one.
Ketheric Template-  The ketheric template is the original program, the true outline to the soul, that holds all of the layers together for the experience of this reality. It s your soul’s grid, and it connects to the cosmos, elohim, the environment you are in, other people in the experience, and your higher self.  A small personal akasha around you, that once you leave here, it stretches out and expands and reconnects to the oversoul, and into the rest of the universal akasha.
There are several Aura types, based on the vibrations, it gives them special traits. Let’s go into some of them,
Red Aura Types-  I am classifying this red aura people, not as a just a color, but as a special aura type.Many think it is a low vibration, but in truth while it is, it still have advantages, others do not.  People with this aura are extremely intuitive. Intuition comes based on observation, and predictions resulted from those observations. Red auras are a bit slower, so they have a wonderful ability to perceive things. They are also very low in vibration, that they often absorb the energies of other auras. The natural psychic vampire! Due to that, they pick up on people’s thoughts, and feelings, by attracting the persons energy to them. Very creative, and attracted to earth and nature, they are also very passionate about any endeavor they choose.
Indigo Auras- Indigo is a fast vibration. Which is why they are classified with ADHD, but in fact, it is juts the highly energetic nature that they have, as well as being extremely intuitive. They see things beyond this world, as their energy is expanded well above the normal perception. That is why schools, and boring routine things in society never benefit these aura types. Very creative, imaginative, and fantastical, indigos are the next step up in the spiritual evolution. Some are messengers of the divine rays, but soul types can not be classified by aura color. That vibration could come from anywhere. Ancient wisdom, understanding, truth, and psychic power, in some way, Indigos carry the vibration of the celestials.
Crystal Auras: Crystal auras, are really just indigos who have grown even more so in their perception and consciousness, that they raised their frequency to Ultra Violet. But, ultra violet is a wave that is so quick and hard to see, that is why they liken it to a crystal, as it is transparent and invisible to some. These are divine transcended beings, who go above the dimensional planes in their consciousness. Someone with a crystal aura, will have all psychic power, and abilities at this rate, and have no more questions about life here. The phase of enlightenment, as well as a perspective of consciousness, that they can deal and cope with any situation, no longer feeling emotions like frustration, anger, hurt, confusion, depression, low self esteem, because their frequency surpasses all of those low emotions.
Rainbow Aura- Many say these are souls not having a previous incarnation. And they say it is rare. Both misconceptions. Rainbow aura types, are simply people whose soul operates on all rays of light. They have many thoughts and feelings in every area. They are receptive, and giver’s of any vibration of light that others may need. They are healers in the way that their pressence, is soothing just being around others. They have much wisdom from the Universe, in the vibrations themselves. They do feel anxiety and jumpy though, as sometimes all of that energy and difference in vibrations, can be overwhelming. But I have met many with this aura type, who had previous lifetimes. And considering how many I have met, I would not call this too rare. But, there isn’t a whole world full of them or anything. Nature loving in all ways, kind, empathic, and sympathetic. They are the anchors of light for all types with their rays. They have the traist of each color. Many rainbows have no interest in social endeavors, as they are in awe of the creation all around them, but when around others, they are the nurturers.
White or Gold Auras- These auras are the divine energies that have come to earth with a message. They carry the wisdom and abilities of Source, and the angels. Magical, loving, innocent, pure, honest, sincere, and seeing only the good in others even when the truth of their flaws are obvious. They have a well of wisdom in them, as well as having insight, guidance, and power of the realms. These auras come above crystals, because they not only have the enlightenment, and power, but have it in a way of purity and innocence.
Every color corresponds with a vibration of sound and wave of light. They also correspond with an elements too. They operate on both sides of duality, negative, and positive. Let me explain them:
Red:  Reds in a positive way, are passionate, creative, observant, sexual, motivated, and strong. They are people with strength within, and they resonate with the element of fire. They are driven and motivated but quickly burn out. They are the strong personalities that make their points across directly, and can sometimes be so direct that it seems like arrogance, when indeed they do not mean to be that way. Confident, and direct.
Orange:  Oranges are optimistic, and energetic. They are good hearted, and kind, and their energy is warm, friendly, and inviting. They are generous, and the type of people who love to please others. Also a fire color, but since it is lessened in severity than red, they have this warmth in a more gentle way. They are friendly, and understanding, and are go-getters in life.
Yellow: Cheerful, innovative,creative, intelligent. This color corresponds to air, and has a mellow effect which is why they came up with the saying “mellow yellow”. They bring a light to the room, and regenerate their moods on their own by inspirational  thoughts.   They have the greatest ideas and best advice.
Green: Nature lovers, and healers, green auras do well with attracting abundance. They are loyal, dependable, and good at planning and organizing things. Sometimes it can show a love of wealth, But for the most part it shows their connection to earth, and their down to earth personalities. They are very stable and balanced people.
Blue:  Good communicators, blues are logical, technical, methodical, organized, smart, and very intellectual. They sometimes get lost in their thoughts, and are usually the ones who use their mind over their feelings. They write, sing, and get into art, poetry, and anything that takes thoughts, and the thoughts releasing their feelings, without showing them physically.
Purple: Purple auras are the mystical, spiritual, and people who like anything that has to do with the paranormal, and metaphysical. They are intelligent as a mix of blue, and they have a great passion for it, having the red. The vibration is one, of truth seeking and exploration of the self, as well as outer worlds.
Colors at different levels tell alot too. The murkier, and lessened amount of the shade reveals the level of the traits. For example, light dull green, shows vanity and selfishness. The brighter the color, that will show you, that it is amplified. A bright breen strong aura will show someone intense about their loyalty and dependability.
Anything with dark spots in it reveals attachments to the aura, as well as negative thought forms and patterns, and maybe even some spiritual interference. Amounts of white light in the aura are also important, because it shows you how much of the good qualities of those traits comes from a sincere source within the consciousness.
Black Auras: This is not good. This is a definitive sign that this is either an incarnated dark soul, someone who has terrible karma, dark or hurtful thoughts, or someone who has lost themself somehow in their lifetimes.
Grey:  Grey in the aura is a sign of depression or illness. Anyone who has this coloring in their aura, is suffering in some way.
Sulfur: This is also a sign of an incarnated lower vibrational being, or someone who has an entity controlling them.
Implants can also appear in the aura. These come in many forms. Fractal implants are implants made of lower vibrational  energy, that are placed int he energy fields of one or more layers. There are also etheric implants of higher density that can be used to protect, such as fractal cages. You could also find that an aura can at times have smaller implants as tiny as a pinpoint that are government issued,, and placed in the aura, as a gps or tracker. These are so tiny, some of even the best psychics can not see them. You will even see orbs in the aura, of all colors. If they are black, they are small lower dimensional portals for negative energies to pass through. Colored orbs can be anything such as fae, elementals, guides, angelics, animal guides, deceased loved ones, and ancestors. It all depends on the color, and size.
alura cein,
Do not steal, copy or paste this content. It is protected by copyright, and bad karma..

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