Celestial Consciousness: Important Event: The Vicious Six

 Welcome dear reader. 

I would ask what brings you back, but I already know. You are curious about how the celestial bodies may affect you presently and into the future, am I right? You have come to the right place!

It’s true that people wanna hear happy things because they want to forget about all of the troubles that they have in everyday life. It’s a way to escape reality I suppose. But the whole idea of being awakened, is that you’re facing reality and building beyond it. It’s in everyone’s right to be 100% aware of everything going on around them so that they can at least be in control of their choices rather than going along with the crowds based on illusionary ideas.

With that said, I apologize if my work sometimes presents negatives along with the positives, but then again that awareness can help a person to prepare better in the future or to even avoid those negatives that are mentioned to come.

That’s what brings me to this new forecast. I’d like to present to you, energies that you may need to be aware of from now into the autumn months to come.

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It always an important event when a planet goes retrograde. But what about the times that many go retro, all at the same time? Many stress the effects of Mercury’s rx but fail to apply preparation during any of the others. Every planet in it’s retro has some pretty intense effects.

I posted a piece on some important sky events to observe that will happen throughout the rest of the year. I added retrogrades that I felt were significant due to the changes that they could make or the symptoms that they could bring. However, I saved this life changing event for an article all its own. 

I call it, “The Vicious 6”. And no, I’m not referring to the villains in the latest Minions movie. Let me explain. 

By August 2022, six celestial bodies will all be in retrograde together. What matters even more, is which celestial bodies those are. 

  1. Jupiter 
  2. Saturn
  3. Uranus 
  4. Neptune 
  5. Pluto 
  6. Chiron

As you can see, there are important planets in that retrograde line up!  This indicates major influences that will bring about a lot of epic changes in your life, who you are, and more. 

Firstly this isn’t just about you or me. The planets going into these positions are definitely signaling a huge alert system to let everyone know that it’s time to stop living in delusions. Look at what’s happening in the world! If anybody was wise, they would interpret these energies truthfully, rather than trying to add the glitz and glam to it, to appease everybody. The truth isn’t always going to please everyone. But for those that want it and know that the truth equals wisdom, they’ll know how to be strong when hearing it.  Coming together, what will happen? What can everyone expect to experience?

This is a time of cleansing.. We know that the planets will return to their direct stations at some point in time, and so while they are in retrograde together, there will be a lot of cleansing. However, it may not be as clear to what’s being cleansed in your life when it’s happening. It’ll happen so subtly, and under the radar, that you won’t really realize it until later on when time has gone by. 

You’ll also notice that you’re feeling as if you’ve lost a lot, but a lot of what you lost wasn’t really working for you anymore. Even if some of those things had positive results in your life, somehow they just weren’t getting you where you needed to be. For those good things that are ending in your life, don’t mourn them. Go with the process, as it’s trying to help you to clear your past for better insights on what you can do to be more happy in the future.

You may also notice that you feel a bit distant from others. That’s because the Universe is trying to help you go into a place of introspection within yourself. If you’re used to having a lot of people around, or you usually have people to go to… you’re not going to take that time out for yourself. Humans are creatures of habit, and so they will do what is in their routine to do. The universe is trying to end some of those routine habits, so that they can create these changes for you even if you don’t want them at the time. This means that there may be a lot of things that you have been doing repetitively every day for quite some time, The universe wants to see change in your direction and that means that if you’re not going to do it, it will. The laws of karma definitely have a way of working themselves into the universe‘s agenda. 

Don’t get upset if you find that the people you get along with most, are changing toward you negatively. Negatives are usually tools used by the universe or your spirit guides, to provoke some kind of change that perhaps you won’t do unless something goes wrong. For example, nobody’s going to tell their friend that they don’t want to be around them anymore. I mean there may be some, but let’s be honest, most people are kind to their friends. Because of that, the universe will provoke arguments to drive a wedge between them instead, so that it’s goal of getting you to be alone will be successful. Don’t be mad at the universe for this. It has its very best intentions for you. 

Additionally, expect changes to happen in areas like your job, relationships, and how you feel about your life generally… It’s all about to change too. 

You will also be doing a lot of thinking.

You’re also going to feel like there’s just something out there pulling you toward it but you won’t know quite what that is. You feel this need inside of yourself for change, yet for all of this time you didn’t know how to go about initiating it. The universe does. However, even though some things may happen quickly, the process will be one that happens over a period of time. You are being called to get on a path that will really be most beneficial to you later on, if you go with the flow.

The only thing I’d like to say is that, this is a period of time that will be different for every person individually. Because of that, I can’t really give too much of a forecast here considering that it will apply for everybody if I did. Everybody will experience very specific things in their life throughout this time, and in my very best professional opinion, I would suggest that if you’re really looking for that insight as to what to expect so that you can be better prepared, go where you know you can find and trust the insight needed. Since I know how crucial this time is, I’m going to add another specialty reading up on my page that will only go up for this time period. I had one a few years back called Time Shift. I figured that for the sake of those wanting no more, I would bring that reading back, but use it for this specific combination of retrogrades. You can find it on my website titled: “Time Shift. Effects of Vicious Six”.

I will put it on the homepage as my monthly feature. I have to change those readings on that page anyhow. I’ll describe what that area is for in another article, now that I think about it. I don’t think a lot of people really understood why I added it there. In the meantime, there are going to be a lot of things happening from this point forward into the autumn months ahead. Even though a lot of these planners will change back to their direct stations in October, it’s still going to have a lingering effect on word until the end of the year. Most of those changes will probably follow you into next year with a ton of other stuff that’s on its way. Don’t forget also, Mercury’s retrograde cycle is right around the corner and unfortunately, that’s just going to add a little bit more baggage to what many people are going to end up carrying from all of this.

No, don’t get discouraged. There are people that have good luck with these events. Believe it or not, there are actually some people that have nothing but good luck through combination retros. I’ve seen it many times before. Therefore, you may go through a lot of the hard energies that this brings, or you could be one of those people that actually benefit from the blessings of it without too much difficulty. I hope that with the generalized forecast that I gave above though, that it at least gives everybody a little bit of something to hang onto in order to be better prepared. I’m sure a lot of people no matter who they are will still experience a lot of what I’ve said above, whether just a bit, or to the extreme. Either way, it’s so important to know so that you can be on the lookout.

As I end this article, I’m probably going to post my little article about my monthly feature section for my services, and then I’m gonna jump right into doing my own time shift reading, as I did last time. As many of you recall I had seen that I would lose a loved one during that particular planetary influence and right after I had stated that on social media, I did in fact lose somebody that was very important to me. I definitely am one of those people that like to be 100% prepared ahead of time in advance. How about you?

I wish you all the very best of luck during these six retrogrades. I know that with a combination of planets that have gone retrograde together, is going to have some pretty serious effects. Don’t forget, just go with the flow of things and don’t try to resist the natural changes that the universe is bringing your way. If you allow this to happen naturally, you could be one of the fortunate souls who find that next year turns out to be a lot better than the last few.

Only digging deeper can tell. I really hope that so far… I’ve been able to give you some insight to start with. Good luck!

Find the Time Shift Reading here: under Monthly Favs. It’ll be a pretty lengthy reading that I will interpret and explain free by audio. I’ll be going through a lot of energies through a long period of time for those who get the report.


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